Wire mesh basket eggs.jpg

Why do they say "don't put all your eggs in one basket?"

  1. What if your favorite photo or an important document is on your computer and ONLY your computer, the one and only "basket"; and something happens to that "basket". Then what?  What are the "somethings" that could happen?

    • liquid spills and damages your data

    • laptop falls and kills the harddrive

    • thunder storm that fries the harddrive

    • age... did you know the life expectancy of a harddrive is 3-5 years?

    • theft, fire, loss....  get the idea?

  2. So, where else should you save your "eggs"? 

    The second place would be a local storage device. This can range from thumb drives to external harddrives to a local NAS.  We would be happy to discuss your needs based on size, compliance issues, or ability to share.  Like those reasons listed above, this would be another basket but still at the same location.  Things like theft, fire, flood could take out both baskets.
  3. The third location would be the Cloud?

The Cloud, a.k.a., somebody else's computers or data center where your information is stored at an off site location.  Depending on your need, there are many safe and affordable solutions.  Some are free or some have a small fee.  The data can be encrypted and shared based on your needs.